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  1. angelearth10 Oct 20, 2015


    I have reviewed your Entry for Match 11: Air Elemental. And your entry has been accepted.

    Thank You for all your hard work.

    --> And for anyone else still working on a wall for this Match. You still have time! So, get your entry in!

    Take Care;

    merged: 11-18-2015 ~ 11:30am
    Welcome Asivoria9!

    Glad you joined! The only Match left for this year is: Match 11: Air Elemental. If you want to join in. Let me know and I'm sure we can work out a deadline plan for you. Unless, you can wipe-up a wall before deadline!

    Thanks for Joining!
    Have Fun Walling!

    merged: 11-21-2015 ~ 09:02am
    Welcome Shinkyo!

    Its great to see you've joined! If you have any questions please PM me and I'll help out the best I can!

    Thanks for joining!

    merged: 12-31-2015 ~ 08:35am
    Deadline for Match 11: Air Elemental ... Is TODAY! Dec. 31st, 2015!

    If you have a wall submit by the end of the day!
    If you have a wall and know you wont finish on time. PM me and let me know. I'll take your notification as a 'posted participation' because it would be. And you'll thus be allowed more time by me, your admin.

    Take Care! and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

    merged: 02-04-2016 ~ 08:43am
    UPDATE: Wallpaper Matches are in the works. Be looking for them in the coming weeks. Also, this year... all Wallpaper Matches will be 1 year from date of match's posting. So, this should allow for more time for everyone whom wishes to participate to have there opportunity.

    Thanks to everyone,

    merged: 04-15-2016 ~ 12:42am
    Hope everyone at WG-2 is having fun!
    More Wallpaper Matches on its way!


    merged: 09-28-2016 ~ 04:31am
    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to let you all know. I am still here. And there will be more games. Just having some issues with my computer. So, stick with me and the games will begin again.

    I am also open for thoughts on future matches from you -the WG Member-. So, please leave your feedback for ideas on any type of future match. And hopefully together. We'll make a match that everyone will like.

    Thanks again for sticking with me.

    merged: 11-28-2016 ~ 04:47am
    Welcome, Emeralis! To Wallpaper Games-2.

    Please check out the current Wall Match and Avatar Match. There will be more to come in the coming New Year.

    Thanks for joining!
    ::Angel:: Admin.

    merged: 04-25-2017 ~ 03:08am

  2. MaronKuzakawe Oct 18, 2015

    Hi i want to submit my Participation in [Match 11: Air Elemental.]

    Asriel by MaronKuzakawe
    Asriel by MaronKuzakawe

  3. angelearth10 Sep 02, 2015

    Welcome to WG-2, The-End-of-the-Tales!

    If your interested in any of the matches. Let me know so I can make sure you have enough time to finish a wall. I wouldn't want things to be unfair just because you joined after the matches were posted.

    So, thanks for joining!

    merged: 10-14-2015 ~ 10:11am
    Attention Members!

    Match Ending Tomorrow! Oct. 15th, 2015

    Match 10: Face Card

    Deadline: October 15th, 2015

    If anyone is working on a wall and needs extra time aka an extension. Please, PM me or leave a message in GB. I'll post your participation and give you some extra time. If you don't. I can't help you.

    Your WG-2 Admin.

    merged: 10-15-2015 ~ 06:51pm
    Deadline still open!

    Get your entries in!


    merged: 10-16-2015 ~ 08:05am
    Match 10: Face Card > Is now Closed to Non-Posted Participants.

    Posted-Participants: You have your extension.

    Thanks for walling!

  4. The-End-of-the-Tales Aug 25, 2015

    Thank you for the invite.
    FYI I was an active community waller in AP back then. Maybe some of you remember me. Well, greetings... :D

  5. angelearth10 Aug 17, 2015

    Welcome Somilge!

    Glad to see you've joined!

    I hope you find a Match that you like. And if you have any questions please, feel free to PM me. I will reply as soon as possible.

    Enjoy the Games!

  6. Somilge Aug 15, 2015

    Hi! Thanks for the invite (^o^)/

  7. angelearth10 May 16, 2015

    Thanks for the encouragement Monu-chan!

    --Match 08: "Graphite"--
    --Is Officially Closed--

    Next Match: Match 09: "Cars" -- Deadline: August 15th, 2015

    Hope this Match finds some interest!

    Admin. ::Angel::

    merged: 06-25-2015 ~ 07:34am
    Big Welcome to: ladysharingan for joining WG-2!

    Hope you find a Match that you like!

    Thanks for joining the Games!

    ::Angel:: Admin of WG-2

    merged: 08-10-2015 ~ 08:53am
    Attention: 5 days left to... Match 09: Cars!

    Hurry and get your entry in!


  8. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 15, 2015

    Guys today is the last day to submit your entry for Graphite match!
    So, hurry up!
    Best of luck to all!

  9. angelearth10 Apr 23, 2015

    I'd like to Welcome, MaronKuzakawe, to WG-2!

    I hope you find a Match your interested in! And help if you need it!

    Thanks for joining!

    merged: 05-08-2015 ~ 05:25am
    Walling update:
    -Match 08: Graphite (Participate) {85% Complete} {100% Complete}

    Hope I can finish by deadline: May 15, 2015!


    -Match 08: "Graphite" (Participate) {100% Complete}

    Here's My Entry:


  10. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2015

    Hey Wallers!
    The deadline of first match of this year (Graphite) is just a month ago!
    I wish you all luck!
    Waiting for all the wonderful entries! :D

  11. angelearth10 Mar 10, 2015

    Sorry, for the majorly late reply.

    @WG-2 Members: You are welcome to use the GB as a place to post your Wall's In Progress. You can even post WIP that are walls for Matches. So, feel free to use the WG-2 GB for a bit more then Wall Submissions.

    @Shimazaki: Sorry for the late reply. And I seen your walls is already submitted. It looks great from what I can see. Only, small detail that might be missing from the scan to the wall is how her leg is shaded. In the scan her leg has more of a tight and leather feel and look. In the wall her leg is shaded mildly. So, if this detail is added it might give her a more finished feel; something a little more solid. Like he seems to have. But that is just my thoughts. You can use it or not. Up to you. But thanks for asking for advice!

    Take Care;

    merged: 03-15-2015 ~ 07:16am
    I would also like to post my participation for this years Matches.

    -Match 08: Graphite (Participate) {45% Complete}
    -Match 09: Anime Cars (Participate)
    -Match 10: Face Card (Participate)

    -?-Match 11: Air Elemental (If I find an Air User)

    Can't wait to see what everyone else is doing!
    Take Care;

  12. Shimazaki Feb 13, 2015

    Since i was told i could also got feedback here on my Work in progress i would like to take that offer.

    This is the Original Scan


    This is the Progress i made for now

    The quallity has dropped by uploading it but its much sharper.
    Like you all can see the Original is A dark monochrome Scan and original i planned to make the Wallpaper the same way because not every Outline i need can be seen. I try making it in Color but i dont know if it will work lowing Ashes so i would love to hear some opinion.

    Sorry The Wallpaper finished sooner as i thought so i think there need for advise

  13. angelearth10 Feb 13, 2015

    Yep, you have all these Match's to choose from for the whole year. But they will start to dwindle as deadlines come and go.

    So, Happy Walling!

  14. Shimazaki Feb 13, 2015

    I see, so basicly you have several Contests for now where i can participate. When i finifh My Wallpaper based on the Rules of the Contest i can submit it here in the guest book from the looks of it.
    Isee i will see whitch macht is suited for and give it a shot then thanks

  15. angelearth10 Feb 13, 2015

    Your very welcome!

    So, please take a look at our current Match's and see if you find one that interests your. Just click on the icon's and you'll be re-directed to the WG-2 Blog.

    Thanks again!

  16. Shimazaki Feb 11, 2015

    Thanks for the Welcome mirtillo, cant wait for some contests i really miss it

  17. mirtillo Feb 10, 2015

    Welcome on board, Shimazaki! :)

  18. Shimazaki Feb 10, 2015

    i see,i make sure to read them carefully and thanks for the warm welcome

  19. angelearth10 Feb 10, 2015

    Welcome to WG-2 Shimazaki!

    I do hope that you find a Match/Contest that will 'put the fun back into walling' for you.

    I will mention that when it comes to Match's. Make sure to read the rules carefully. Why? Because they don't always allow 'Game Characters'.

    Thanks for joining!
    Admin. ::Angel::

  20. Shimazaki Feb 08, 2015

    hi@ all just applied for the group and want to Introduce myself.

    Since ive heard this Group is still active and i love Anime based Games i think its the right place for me.

    I Play everything i think is good so i dont have a real genre i play but most of the time its RPG since they are the most common.

    As a Waller i try to make a comeback and improve my skills further so im looking forward to Events and hopefully some Challenges

  21. mirtillo Jan 29, 2015

    On late, but congratulations to winners!
    As I asked to Admin Angel-chan, I'm just a group-Mod now, but I want to thank each participant! It's always a pleasure to see your walling efforts on participing to Wallpaper Games contests!
    Thanks to judges for filling this position too.
    Thanks to all of you, guys and gals!


    PS: I'm curios to see entries for the running Matches!

  22. SilverCat-sama Jan 20, 2015

    Quote by Monu-chanCongrats again!
    and about your question regarding to "that", Elisa did a wonderful job in painting the whole wall (the wall is painted not vectored), But! the theme of match was "Fire" Element, and the little fire was perfect too in her wall, but the theme and concept of fire should be done more.The wall itself lacks the Fire, I give almost full score to her in Technical scores, but the interaction between user and Fire are lacking in it.As a whole wallpaper her Wall was Amazing with little to no technical problem! but if she would've made more Fire or made Firey Background then her wall will be Stand out with the concept of match. ^^

    And whereas your wall, which was just a blend of vector and an abstract background was full of fire everywhere, the theme of Fire was absolutely done in your wall!

    It's just from me, you can see other judges' scores and comments on the Blog of WG-2.

    I see.
    Actually, I just read all the judge's reasons today. Bcoz days ago, I only read it from my phone (n the words kinda messed up). But I can see all of it using computer now.

    So, its more bcoz of the fire. I understand. Its a fire match after all. :D.

    Thanks for the explanation, Monu-chan. ;)

    merged: 01-20-2015 ~ 08:57am

    Quote by angelearth10@SilverCat-sama

    Congrats on your win!

    And all I can ask of you is to please trust in the Judging process. And remember; No one gets a free win in any "Wallpaper Game".


    Yeah, thank you Angel :)

  23. angelearth10 Jan 19, 2015


    Congrats on your win!

    And all I can ask of you is to please trust in the Judging process. And remember; No one gets a free win in any "Wallpaper Game".


  24. SilverCat-sama Jan 18, 2015

    Whoa. I seriously dont think I would win the first place for the fire element contest, bcoz the main picture I used was vectored by other people. I thought Elisa more deserve to be the winner bcoz she made all of them by herself (well sure the original images from scans, but at least she vectored them by herself) ^^'.

    Its not like I'm not happy, I am very happy. It just.... are you guys sure I deserve to be the first? :o

    Oh, n thank you so much :)

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